Imagine a martial arts training program for martial artists, by martial artists. Improve strength, conditioning, and speed.
Prepare for your next competition, promotion, or life. Affordable, effective programs with lifetime access.

Innovative & Effective Martial Arts Programs For Martial Artists

WHY did we make these programs? Like everything else we've done at whistlekick, the genesis came from personal desire. When we made our podcast, our products, our books, it was all because we wanted something that didn't exist. And that's why we've created these programs - because the information in them wasn't readily accessible to martial artists in a way that made sense for us. Well, now that's all changed.

How Do YOU Want To Improve?

Build strength, muscle, and endurance in as little as two days a week, at home, with no equipment.

Improve cardiovascular conditioning and recovery using the most effective methods, while reducing the risk of training injuries.

Become the absolute fastest martial artist possible, in short, daily training blocks to unlock your potential.

Discounted bundles of programs also available

Martial arts training is awesome for so many things. It is the single best training modality for overall health and fitness available. Whatever your goal, martial arts can help you get there.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s the best way to reach any single specific goal. Our programs were developed to complement your martial arts training in such a way that you continue to progress in all of the ways that are important to you, but also give you a chance to reach your individual goals. Through our programs, you’ll be able to get stronger, increase your speed, become better conditioned, lose body fat, gain muscle, prepare for your next competition, and more.

These martial arts training programs take the latest in scientific research and combine it with established and effective martial arts techniques and principles. No matter your martial arts style (karate, taekwondo, kung fu, wushu, etc.), no matter your rank, age, or current fitness level, you’ll see progress in no time. Following our programs is straightforward and requires minimal time. Each of them was designed to adapt to you, no matter who you are.

We don’t provide training in martial arts, but for martial arts. By getting stronger, faster, or building your conditioning… you’ll become a better martial artist! Whatever your goal.

So, stop waiting, and check out the three programs we’ve made: Strength & Conditioning, Speed Development, and Fight Conditioning. Any one of them will be beneficial, and you’re welcome to pick one and repeat it over again or move on to a different one. The key is to follow the program and do it consistently. If you do that, we promise results.

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