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What Do We Do?

We Make Stuff for (Traditional) Martial Artists!

whistlekick was founded on the idea that martial arts makes people better. We've devoted a great deal of both time and money to create a brand that all martial artists can identify with, no matter what style they practice or where they live. We believe strongly that we have more that binds us than divides us, and we're dedicated to the goal of making everyone a martial artist, even if only for a little while.

whistlekick Martial Arts Radio is the only weekly martial arts podcast. Not only are we the #1 traditional martial arts podcast, but we routinely outrank shows that have been around much longer than ours. Martial Arts Radio is devoted to traditional martial arts in all forms. While our Monday shows are interview-based, our Thursday shows are shorter and focus on a topic. Sometimes it's a profile of a movie or a martial arts actor like Bruce Lee. We dig into what makes these martial artists tick, their history and experience... and tell some great stories in the process. is our online home and the central point for everything we do. Our store is here, as well as a blog and links to the many other projects and products we've contributed to over the years. In short, if you want to see all we do, this is the place to go.

Who doesn't love a good book? There are a lot of martial arts books out there, and some of them are really good! We've released a number of titles, comprising both fiction and non-fiction, and they're all available at Amazon.