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Designed by and for martial artists with features you won't find in any other program, at any price.

Efficient Time Management Maximizes Results Without Wasted Energy

Adapts to your other martial arts training, no matter what it is or how you do it.

All you need is a floor, a wall, your body, and a clock.

Will make you more flexible than you ever thought possible.

No Signup or Email Required - Completely, Totally Free

$129 Value

Yours For Free

There is no better scientifically-driven, results-proven, research-optimized program designed for martial artists to improve flexibility. Anywhere.

If you want to get more flexible, this is the best way to do it.

The whistlekick Flex Program is a revolutionary approach to making you a more flexible martial artist, regardless of the technique, style, or purpose.

Utilizing a unique blend of modern science and traditional training, you're sure to become faster. However, while this program is simple, it is not easy.

[Standard disclaimer about consulting a physician applies. Do not attempt this program if you are injured, at risk for injury, etc. By participating you waive any and all rights for compensation.]

Like anything, it requires a commitment. This is a 6-week program, requiring a small amount of work each day. The process we outline, including videos for each type of workout, is based on a significant amount of research as well as trial and error.

You could design your own flexibility program based on scientific research, but you'd likely end up with something very similar.

Unlike the rest of our programs, this one is completely free. Why? Because we believe if you try it, you'll come back to us for something else. And if not, at least we've helped someone get more flexible.

This program is licensed for lifetime personal use. It is not transferrable or legal for use in any commercial way.

Just click the button below and get the program. No BS, no limited-time offers. Not even an email signup. Just free.

The Sooner You Start, The Sooner You'll See The Results You've Been Looking For


 Experience Matters

All of our programs are spearheaded by Jeremy Lesniak, company founder, and a long-time martial artist. With over 35 years of training, he holds black belts in karate, taekwondo, and Superfoot Kickboxing.

Jeremy has taught classes and holds certifications in not only martial arts, but also gymnastics, parkour, CrossFit, and more. He hosts the acclaimed Martial Arts Radio podcast and is the author of The Martial Artist's Handbook, available on Amazon and in select bookstores.

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We were founded on the idea that martial arts makes people better. These programs are an extension of that philosophy.

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